Download and installation (Version 2 - beta)

Last updated on March 26, 2019 11:35

The beta version of FourMinutes (previously OML) is now available as two different downloads, all downloads contain the same add-in distributed in different ways, all distribution methods contain the same features except for automatic updates:

Personal or simple installation

The personal installation is the most simple to get started with, this is best for individual use, test or demonstration. It features automatic updates whenever a new version is deployed. The personal installation will install the add-in for the current user only.

Enterprise MSI installation

The MSI installation contains no user interface at all, it will install the add-in machine wide for all user. It does not include any prerequisites but will check for them. A full list of prerequisites will come later on this support site.

The latest version will be available on this direct link:

Cloud management 

All settings can now be managed from the online cloud system. There is no need to deploy ini files (though you can) with configuration options.

The online cloud panel can be accessed here:

Help and support

For ideas, comments and more, please feel free to use the public discussion site here:

For specific support requests we are available on [email protected]