Why can't I just change this in Exchange?

Last updated on June 15, 2018 13:51

We have been asked the question if there is a solution across all devices (mobile, web, mac and pc) in order to change the default meeting lengths in Outlook.

And we fully appreciate that there should be a solution across devices.

If you do all the research we have. What you will most likely find is:

  • There is no universal way through the Exchange server to do this, unfortunately.
  • For Windows you can
    • Hack the display forms by VBA, and it will not be pretty
    • Or change the calendar time, which will have many other side effects.
    • (or use OML)
  • For mobile devices there is no solution.
  • For Mac there might be a way to port OML
  • For Webmail (Exchange) there might be a way to port OML

In order to port OML, we would be interested in partners that both need it and are willing to test the implementation.