OML.exe starts but does not show menu

Last updated on October 10, 2018 09:39

If OML starts but does not change the default end time or show a popup when the end time menu button is clicked, it might be because the software is run in a different environment that Outlook. On a typical Windows installation this will happen for a number of reasons:

  • If OML.exe is started as another user than the user currently running Outlook
  • If OML.exe is started at another privilege level that the currently running Outlook

This is an issue that most often will occur during installation and the first automatic launch of OML (or Outlook) where the installation might run as an administrator on the local machine or with elevated rights as the current user.

How to confirm OML is launched as a different user:

Start "Task Manager" and select "Details" 

Find oml.exe in the list as well as outlook.exe and confirm that the name in the "User name" column is not the same. In the above screenshot notice oml.exe is running as "temp" and OUTLOOK.exe is running as "peter".

If the usernames are the same, most likely one of the processes are launched with "Run as administrator" or via a script with elevated rights.

How to launch with non-elevated rights from an elevated script:

schtasks /create /tn omlstart /tr "\"%USERPROFILE%\Program Files\OML\oml.exe\"" /sc ONCE /st 00:00:00 /sd 01/01/1990
schtasks /run /i /tn omlstart
schtasks /Delete /tn omlstart