How to Uninstall OML / 4 Minutes

Last updated on June 15, 2018 13:54

We are sorry to see you go. However we of course want to make this as easy as possible. So here you go.

We would like to remind you that we DO NOT install any third party programs, adware or anything like that. So once you remove OML there is nothing left to clutter up your system.

There are two ways to uninstall OML, the automatic (super easy way) or the manual (just regular easy way)

Automatic Uninstall

Find the OML folder in your start menu (or Start Screen for Windows 8) and choose uninstall in the list:


Follow the on screen guidance and OML will be automatically removed quickly.

Manual Uninstall

There are three steps to manually removing OML:

  1. Disable automatic startup
  2. Remove the start menu folder
  3. Remove the actual program

Disable automatic startup

Right click the OML menu icon in the system tray, and click to remove the check mark in "AutoStart OML"

Remove the start menu folder

Find the OML start menu folder in you start menu, and right click the folder, then select delete

Remove the actual program

In Windows Explorer locate you install location, usually this will be: c:\Users\<USERNAME>\Program Files\EcoMerc\OML

Delete that folder, OML does not require any other DLL's, system files or other messy stuff, once you have deleted the actual program, you have removed it completely from you system.